“Functional modular seating is critical for any portfolio, especially as we enter the new post-COVID world” said Josh Taylor, Brand Director for SIXINCH USA. “When we set out to design a new modular family, we didn’t want to fall into the cookie-cutter approach. Our product had to offer form and function that works with today’s evolving environments along with infusing the SIXINCH flair that the industry has come to love” said Taylor.

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The rounded shapes of the Elements collection intentionally do not fit together perfectly, instead creating small shadow lines that define where one piece ends and another begins.

Taking inspiration from chemistry, the Elements line is a much larger scale version of the way individual elements come together to create elemental compounds. From a distance, they may appear to be one mass, but at a molecular level the individual elements are separated by invisible bonds. These smaller parts can then be rearranged to create something entirely new.


Approved Fabrics & Materials

SIXINCH® is proud to partner with the top textile companies in the industry to provide an extensive offering of fabrics. Fabrics can be specified using our standard ordering process, eliminating the need for additional expense and efforts required for COMs. Visit our Graded-In Fabrics page for more information on surface materials and pricing.

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SIXINCH USA’s goal is to reduce impacts to human and environment health by evaluation and control of chemicals of concern in our processes and facilities.

Comparing materials and chemicals found on the Red List we find that SIXINCH products meet the criteria for specification of Living Building Challenge buildings. The Living Building ChallengeSM 2.1 is a complex initiative and is not limited to compliance with a list of materials and chemicals, but clearly states the intent of environmental responsibility in product design and specification. For SIXINCH this is an on-going commitment and will involve continuous improvement.

We look forward to sharing more about our journey to even deeper sustainability. For more information visit our Environmental/Testing Information page.