A Different Look at

collaborative environments

SIXINCH® is highly stylized furniture with a unique material story that can fit in any everyday space.

“We all have creativity in the ‘space between our ears,’ A space 150mm wide or to put it more illustrative – A good six inches.”

Take our love for materials and mix in our fascination for how people work and the manner in which they collaborate, and it’s clear why we’re so passionate about SIXINCH ®. Our roots have always been in upholstery and with the addition of coated foam, we’re able to expand our materials story and bring a fresh look to the world of furniture design.


Our dna

We build iconic environments that are distinctly original. Our team of designers and engineers are detailed to a fault. We have the ability to not only “dream” but also “do”. Every piece that bears the SIXINCH label is held to the highest standards in the furniture industry.


FlexPlus™ coating provides options beyond traditional upholstery and is the brand’s key differentiator. FlexPlus is made up of three layers; polyurethane primer, polyurethane reactor (A/B), and color coat. The end product is rated for high-traffic areas and is 100% waterproof – use it indoor or outdoor!


With more than 30 years in the industry, we know what it takes to do upholstery right. We challenge you to find a better upholsterer in the industry. Our thread artisans go through extensive training, and by the time they graduate, they’re ready to hand deliver a top-notch product.

“Founded in Belgium in 2003 by Pieter Jamart and Michel Sels, SIXINCH was born from a passion for innovative materials and progressive design.”

In 2013, SIXINCH founders Peter Jamart and Michel Sels partnered with Wieland Designs. Wieland Designs, a well-respected company in the furniture industry, expanded the footprint for one of the most talked about furniture brands in the world. The name SIXINCH comes from the space between our ears, a mere 150mm wide, or six inches.