Changing the Contract Furniture World

Josh Sweazy

Director of Sales

Josh (Sweazy) brings an “outside the box” approach to presenting the SIXINCH brand to the contract furniture world. With a Visual Communication Design degree from Purdue University he easily puts himself in the in the designer’s shoes. Josh spent 13 years in the Experiential Graphic Design (EGD) world spinning up a successful branded environments division of an overall Brand Management company. He highly values the relationships he makes with designers, contractors and end users. He believes working with SIXINCH should be fun, maybe even a party!

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Jo$H Taylor

Brand Director

Josh is the glue that keeps things connected. His main focus is strategic marketing strategies but he tends to dabble in every part of the brand. Whether it’s working with sales, designing furniture, improving operations or assisting a customer; Josh believes to truly understand a brand you have to be part of the DNA. His specialties include digital media, videography, design concepts, copywriting, brand awareness, omni-channel marketing campaigns and being awesome.

Prior to joining SIXINCH, Josh spent his early career in television where he chewed gum and kicked ass, but was always out of gum.

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Dave Behles

Design Director

As our Design front man and lead problem solver, Dave’s bringing the tasty treats to our party. With over 20 years designing and developing award winning furniture projects, “limitations” are often just an opportunity to find a unique solution to an obstacle. With an Industrial Design and architectural background he has the know-how to guide our ideas from beginning concept to completed coolness whether it is for large-scale manufacture or unique small-batch projects. He is always on the search for unique materials and capabilities to integrate to the experience and thrives on the big challenges.

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Jessica Bruckner

Account Management

A great brand starts and ends with amazing customer service and Jessica embodies that mindset every day! In her own words, “I feel the following points are the simplest things I can do to create happy customers – be proactive, be responsive and be easy to work with!” Jessica knows what it takes to assist our customers and help the ordering process go smoothly. Don’t believe us? Send in an order and see for yourself!

Before joining SIXINCH in 2018, Jessica worked in customer service for the automotive and OEM furniture industries and received high accolades for customer success.

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Ryan Williams

Art Director

Never one to shy away from limitations, Ryan brings a conceptual vision to the SIXINCH team with the ability to execute ideas successfully. He has worked with clients in almost every industry imaginable – Medical, Banking, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Motorsports, and now Contract Furniture. He’s a grinder, capable of taking an idea to market while overseeing every step along the way. At SIXINCH Ryan is the lead visual content creator and focuses on extending the brand across all touch points.

Prior to SIXINCH, Ryan spent a decade working at ad agencies, winning enough awards to fill a dump truck.

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Scott Billet

Brand Program Director

Scott Billet is involved in a broad range of design, purchasing, manufacturing, and sales rolls and continues to ensure his business clients are advantaged by his skills. Scott’s journey began in 1971 in the RV furniture industry where Scott learned to cut and sew fabrics, produce patterns, and repair sewing machines. In 1980 Scott turned his attention to the conversion seating industry where he grew his manufacturing and leadership skills with 9 years in sales management.

Scott’s journey with Wieland Designs started in 1995 where he has played a vital role in delivering quality products and services to his clients.

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