Steen Pouf

Take a seat on this soft foam pouf, closely resembling a rock. The Steen Pouf combines adaptability and monumentibility forming a peaceful and natural feel. The stool can be used in an abundance of spaces and color palettes. Create a natural environment with other pieces from the Steen collection including the Steen Table and Steen Sofa.

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Closely resembling a rock, the Steen Pouf brings a portable seat to offices, classrooms, libraries and outdoor spaces. Customized to your liking!

The Steen Family is a collection of a sofa, bench and pouf inspired by the elements of nature. The soft curves resemble the smoothness of rocks cultivating a sleek simplistic look with an earthy feel. Choose from (30) standard FlexPlus™ colors to bring this collection to the commercial space including outdoors. Newly added upholstered option expands the look for the Steen collection and brings an element of peace.

Approved Fabrics & Materials

FlexPlus™ coating provides options beyond traditional upholstery and is the brand’s key differentiator. FlexPlus™ is made up of three layers; polyurethane primer, polyurethane reactor (A/B), and color coat. The end product is rated for high-traffic areas and is 100% waterproof. Learn more about FlexPlus™ specifications including coating and colors.

SIXINCH® is proud to partner with the top textile companies in the industry to provide an extensive offering of fabrics. Fabrics can be specified using our standard ordering process, eliminating the need for additional expense and efforts required for COMs. Visit our Graded-In Fabrics page for more information on surface materials and pricing.

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SIXINCH USA’s goal is to reduce impacts to human and environment health by evaluation and control of chemicals of concern in our processes and facilities.

Comparing materials and chemicals found on the Red List we find that SIXINCH products meet the criteria for specification of Living Building Challenge buildings. The Living Building ChallengeSM 2.1 is a complex initiative and is not limited to compliance with a list of materials and chemicals, but clearly states the intent of environmental responsibility in product design and specification. For SIXINCH this is an on-going commitment and will involve continuous improvement.

We look forward to sharing more about our journey to even deeper sustainability. For more information visit our Environmental/Testing Information page.



“We all have creativity in the ‘space between our ears”, a space 150mm wide or to put it more illustrative – a good six inches. Thanks to the foam coating procedure, it is now possible to produce innovative concepts that have a dramatic impact without the associated headaches. The result is a unique design that is water, weatherproof, and easy to clean. A solution that is ideal for both professional and private interiors.